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About Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the Northern Hemisphere and is multicultural and diverse. Canada is beautiful, full of mountains, flat grassland, vast forests, and beautiful lakes. It has four seasons: spring (March–May); summer (June–August); fall (September–October); and winter (November–February). There are different reasons why Canada is the best choice to study for your bright future.

Canada is well known for its high academic standards worldwide. Canada is now the top destination for international students. Universities will lead you down the road to success. Also, affordability, quality education, and post-work make Canada a leading destination for international students. Some of the top universities are in Canada, which is best known for research, which makes Canada more attractive.

Canada is recognized as a global educational hub, attracting hundreds of students from all over the globe. Universities in Canada deliver the same level of quality education at very cheap college fees as universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other nations. A growing number of Nepali students are opting to study in Canada to further their education and improve their quality of life. Studying in Canada will not only provide you with a high-quality education, but it will also allow you to earn money while you are there.

Because of the high-quality teaching, employment opportunities, and safety offered by Canada, the majority of Nepalese students studying there have recommended it to their friends and family. You can work 20 hours per week on college days and full-time during the holidays while studying in Canada.

Most education consultancies in Nepal also recommend that Nepalese students study in Canada because the country offers a sense of safety and security for foreign students. In fact, crime and racial discrimination are extremely low in the country. Aside from that, there are many other advantages to studying in Canada. Another significant advantage of studying in Canada is the work permit awarded by the Canadian government to foreign students. You can work up to 20 hours per week as an overseas student during regular college hours and full-time during college breaks.

If you want to study in Canada from Nepal, do visit Markline Education. We aim to deliver a comprehensive guide for students from Nepal who want to study there. You can also book an appointment from here.

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    North America
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    Why Study in Canada From Nepal?

    In the present situation, students can choose between countries and courses. Among the many countries available to students, Canada provides world-class education with other social benefits. Every student mainly focuses on education, career, and growth. Canadian educational institute offers a wide range of dynamic educational programs. A student who seeks further education in Canada because of various reasons:

    • For an affordable education: For an international student who is looking for affordable, world-class education, Canada is an excellent alternative.  Tuition fees and living costs are lower than that of other English-speaking countries like the UK and USA. Affordability is the primary concern for students from developing countries.
    • Quality Education: Canada provides the best education in the world. One who chooses to study in Canada is satisfied with the education, resources, and financial aid. Education focused on practical knowledge for lifelong career opportunities and development. One can discover the range of study options available across Canada, including master and doctoral degrees.
    • Ease of living: Canada is known as the country with low crime rates, and an affordable cost of living adds beauty to it. People in Canada are welcoming, interested to learn about diversity. Canada is ranked 8th as the safest country in the world. Canadians are friendly who loves to live in a peaceful and multicultural environment. For an international student, Canada will not be difficult to adapt themselves to the very atmosphere.
    • Possibilities of Immigration: There are opportunities for international students to work temporarily or even live permanently in Canada after graduating from Canadian higher education institutions. Students can work up to three years by completing the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP). Also, a student who wants to live in Canada can apply to become a permanent residence.
    • Canada’s Education System: Canada has invested a lot in the education system, making Canada the top destination for international students. Universities offer a wide range of degree programs in numerous fields and disciplines. The annual fee structure is comparatively lesser than the USA and UK. However, the cost varies according to the program and institution you wish to apply for. Canada’s best schools and universities offer more than 1500 programs across many campuses. Study at the world’s high post-secondary institutions. From small, friendly cities to vibrant metropolitan cities, the selection is yours. Use the search tool to seek out the institutions that suit you best. Three degrees the Canadian education system provides are:
      • Bachelors
      • Masters
      • Doctorate

    Choosing the Right Program

    Choosing right program always leads to natural progression of your existing skills and qualifications. Every student should choose a course that they are interested in. Its important to find out what course you are interested in and think about careers and employment opportunities.

    When applying to Canadian universities or colleges, student should know that program structure varies according to the universities and colleges. Student should submit the application to the application department or institution they are interested in. so, check the course available in the institution you are applying before you decide to enroll. Students should check scholarship provided in the program they choose before applying for the university.

    Choosing a program is not an easy task for everyone. Everybody is unique. You may know precisely how you need to manage the rest of your life and how you will arrive. Be that as it may, others may do not understand. Research to assess the expense of your investigations at a Canadian college and your capacity to pay.

    To know more about the university and program research more and feel free to get help from us. Choose a program that fits your future goal.

    Living In Canada

    Canada is a beautiful country of social variety, friendly people, and welcoming attitude towards foreigners. Canada gives international students to work during their higher studies. Student can learn and grow living in Canada. Colleges provides career-focused learning in a very practical way to make a bright future. Canadians are polite and encourages international student to share their culture and tradition and share their own culture too. This beautiful encouragement has made Canada the safest country in the world.

    Universities have facilities like on campus and off campus accommodation to make students more comfortable. Studying is Canada is more affordable than studying in other English-speaking countries.  Student commonly need somewhere in the range of $15,000 and $30,000 Cdn each year to study in Canada, a figure which incorporates educational cost, convenience, and other everyday costs.

    Canada is now the topmost destination for the higher studies. The politeness, beautiful nature and less crime rates makes it more attractive. Students can live freely and adjust themselves quickly as it is highly developed in research. Canada provides the best health care facilities, job opportunities and clean and safe place to live in.

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    Visa Process

    • Apply for admission {Req Doc: Academic Documents, IELTS, Valid passport, Biodata and Cover letter}
    • Apply for ID and Aptitude Test Date
    • Contract and Offer Letter
    • Tuition Fee Payment
    • Documentation
    • Letter of LOE (Letter of Expectances) Medical
    • Visa Lodgement
    • Biometric

    Admission Requirement


    Academic: 10+2 with 2.5 CGPA or Equivalent.
    IELTS 6.5 or Equivalent.


    Academic: Bachelor with 60% or Equivalent.
    IELTS 7.0 or Equivalent. (TOFEL/PTE Acceptable)

    how we do

    Document Checklist

    • Valid Passport
    • Academic Credentials
    • Instituations Application Form
    • Optional: SOP/Application Fee

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    Latest FAQs

    Each institution in Canada has its requirement for admission for international students. According to the program, enrollment criteria may vary. The minimum percentage required for community college is 55% and 60% and above for the universities.
    English proficiency score is required in many universities and colleges before admission. The Visa approval rate is also high with acceptable English language tests. For more information, go to the institution's website.
    This is a ubiquitous question. Institutions in Canada reject students on the premise of Gap. However, it has been assessed based on gaps genuinely and productivity. What have you ever been doing throughout those gaps? If you have got been working, you can assure with skills that may justify your gap. There are some cases wherever Nepalese students have been accepted in institutions with twelve years of study gap too. Again, it depends on the chosen program, real intention to study.
    Scholarships are provided to international students based on outstanding academic grades and exceptional English Proficiency scores. In some universities, you must apply for scholarships, but many of them offer on the basis of your rates.
    Yes, you'll be able to work while you are studying in Canada. International students are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours in two weeks and 40 hours per week, i.e., full time during vacations, if they have a valid study permit and a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
    International students should meet the requirements of the Canadian immigration program under which they apply. The permanent resident visa is determined on a point-based system. The work experience gained through the PGWPP will help you earn valuable points to qualify for permanent residency in Canada.
    Your acceptance letter mentions co-op or internship placement as part of your program's curriculum. Then you can apply for a work permit.
    You can choose to live on campus or campus housing ranging from shared condominiums to dormitory-style housing. Accommodation price varies according to the preference.
    A postgraduate credential may be a shorter qualification than a master's degree, though at an equivalent study level. A master's degree is formed of one hundred eighty credits (taken from exams, assignments, and so on), a postgraduate credential is one hundred twenty credits.
    We encourage students to pay at least one semester or, where possible one-year tuition fee to the college. However, it is not mandatory to tuition fee in advance. To show the university you are genuinely interested in studying, and you can pay in advance.

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    Markline Education helps you find a university that is a perfect match for your profile. All of them are very friendly, and they motivated me until I got a visa.

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    With you and your organization, Markline Education, I have had a very encouraging, welcoming, and helpful experience. You and your organization were very supportive and readily available right from the submission before visa acceptance. This is the only reason why I have ever recommended you to my colleagues, and I trust that you can continue with your praiseworthy service.

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    I would like to say thanks to Markline Education. I am grateful to Markline Education Educational Consultancy for helping me throughout my application process. I would like to recommend Markline Education as one of the best and perfect abroad study consulting services that you are looking for.