Many colleges in the US and Canada accept the Duolingo English Test as proof of English competence when considering an overseas application. The Duolingo English Test may be taken on demand from your computer, unlike the TOEFL and IELTS.

The reading, writing, speaking, and listening portions of the Duolingo English Test are all measured. You can prepare for the test in any way that you typically acquire and practice these English language abilities. This might be engaging in conversations with friends, reading newspapers and publications, and doing writing exercises. There are also a ton of excellent free materials available online.
You will probably be asked to take an English proficiency exam if you are applying to a university in the US or Canada. Common English proficiency examinations like the TOEFL and IELTS may be well known to you. This blog article describes the Duolingo English Test, a new choice, and discusses why it differs from other options and how to test it out for free.

What is the Duolingo ENGLISH Test?

Because you may take the Duolingo English Test at home on your personal computer, it takes a completely different approach to testing. Both test locations and appointments are absent. You may take the exam at any time, online, for USD 49. Within two days, you get the findings within less than an hour. The findings can then be freely sent to an infinite number of schools.

Additionally, the Duolingo English Exam includes a written sample that is shared with institutions as well as a video interview—yes, you will be on camera when you take the test. You will be required to reply to questions asked by the proctor during the exam in English.
A candidate’s English proficiency can be better understood from the video than it can from a score alone. As a result of its use of cutting-edge data forensic and biometric technology, the Duolingo English Test is just as secure and dependable as the other exams. Additionally, a real person remotely proctors the exam.

Why do we need a new English test?

The procedure of taking English proficiency examinations might be difficult for many pupils. In the past, tests had to be scheduled weeks or months in advance; you might have to travel a considerable distance to take them; they might be stressful; and you had to wait a few weeks for the findings. These tests can ultimately cost hundreds of dollars and take many weeks.

Our goal at Duolingo is to use technology to open up education to all people. There is no reason why certifying your English proficiency should be so complicated and expensive in the age of contemporary technologies. That is one of the reasons Duolingo developed a novel testing process that is quick, easy, and economical.

Prepare your testing environment

You should make sure you have everything you need because you take the Duolingo English Test online from your computer, so you don’t want to run into any problems. You must possess:

a picture ID issued by the state

A calm, well-lit space

Approximately an unbroken hour of time

a laptop that has a front-facing camera

a working internet connection and browser

Recognize the Rules
A proctor will watch your exam video once you finish it to make sure you follow the regulations. The restrictions state that you can’t talk to anyone, use your phone or other gadgets, use headphones, or look away from the screen. You must abide by these guidelines during the test to avoid having to retake it. The guidelines for the test may be found in the Duolingo FAQs and the pre-test instructions.